8 Reasons Parents Send Their Kids For The Umonics Method

Drastic Improvements in Memory

The Umonics Method is a preschool enrichment program. It teaches preschoolers memory techniques so that they can quickly memorise and remember information long-term. Preschoolers that have been through The Umonics Method has shown drastic improvement in their memory. From not being able to recall a list of 5 items in a row to being able to recall countless number of lists, mobile phone numbers and even names and faces. 

Everything starts with memory. There is simply no use in signing up children for STEM or reading enrichment when they are unable to remember what is being taught. If your child could learn the letters of the alphabet in 1 month as compared to 1 year, which would you pick? Preschoolers that have gone through the Umonics Method are much quicker learners.

Qualified Teachers Only

It may surprise many parents that preschool enrichment teachers do not have to be MOE or even EDCA certified! Can you imagine that? A teacher that is teaching your child that does not have a clue about teaching preschoolers. Teaching students is hard enough, but teaching preschoolers is a different ballgame, it is even harder. Now couple that with not formal training in teaching preschoolers. There is a reason why most preschool enrichment programs do not work. The Umonics Method on the hand uses only teachers that are qualified. They require all their teachers to have a minimum of early childhood certification or diploma. People may have all the knowledge in the world but knowing how to pass on that knowledge is what separates us from teachers. They are trained to pass on what they know to the students effectively. That is the reason why an early childhood education certification or diploma is so crucial.

Fits Within The Budget

There is a range of prices for preschool enrichment programs in Singapore. It can range from $60 a term for something as simple as music, speech and drama, aikido to as much as $450 for something like STEM or coding. The Umonics Method is priced around the middle. 

Continuous Trackable Progress

Most enrichment program does not have a form of tracking the child’s progress, and even if they do, it cants be measured. Like most people in the world these days, what parents want is data, cold hard data. That is the reason why we have exams and test. The data are the numbers out of 100 for each given paper. So the question is, how do you track something like speech and drama? What parent love about The Umoncis Method is that each month parents are given a progress report. Parents can test the child’s ability based on that progress report. We love that; data never lies.

Kids Love It

The most important thing for us as parents is making sure our children enjoy the enrichment program. The last thing we want to do is force our kids into something they hate, especially for something like an enrichment. When kids hate something, they will not be engaged, and when they are not engaged, they will not be able to learn. The people over at the Umonics Method knows this and created their curriculum around the ‘learning through play’ concept.

Improve Critical Thinking

For critical thinking to take place, they must be knowledge and information stored in the brain in the first place. For example, if I were to ask you, “Give me an example of how math has improved civilisation?” This is a type of critical thinking question. For you to even answer this, you need to recognise the words in the sentence, which involves memory. You need to know some concepts of math, which involves memory, and you need to make a connection in your brain to answer this question which involves memory. There is a positive symbiotic relationship between memory and critical thinking.

Enrichment Curriculum in Line with MOE & ECDA

The Umonics Method is also based on the ECDA curriculum which is good to know since they have put in decades of research on what preschoolers should learn and know at their age but also how to prepare them for primary school. The preschooler years are the most crucial of all the years; thousands of academic research has proven this over and over again. This is also one of the reasons why it is vital to start memory training at such an early age. What do you think we teach them to read and write at this age and not in primary school?

Prepares Preschoolers For Primary School

As soon as a child enters primary school, he or she needs to be independent. They will have to buy their food, go to the toilet themselves, sit on bigger chairs with bigger desks. That is when conformity begins, kidding. With this also comes an upgrade in the things they learn. They are expected to learn a much faster rate and while having more information to digest. Kids when the ability to remember quicker and forget less will win vs a kid still struggling with his or her ability to memorise.

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